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Since 1929, we have been proud to offer the Tampa Bay area all that we can. Our goal as industry professionals is to encourage the green space of Pinellas County. Our staff includes 2 Florida Certified Horticultural Professionals, happy to assist in any way we can.

Our Tree Farm is home to a wide variety of top quality large plant material. Our mission is to provide you with a superior product for your next landscape project, combined with great customer service. Our Garden Center caters to the home gardener, with anything you need from Plants, Small Trees, Flowers and everything to help them thrive in our community.

Seminole Nurseries is proud to offer Landscape Design and installation for any and all projects, Residential or Commercial. As Part of our mission, we also do a great deal for our community. Please see OUR COMMUNITY page for more information and how we may be able to assist your organizations



Seminole Nurseries is a Registered Nursery Grower and Bonded by the Florida Department of Agriculture.

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